Barcelona DIY Kits: En Casa!

Hola Collectors,

We are spending so much time indoors, that I decided to create a DIY jewelry kit to help you get creative from the comfort of your home. 

Our new DIY bracelet kits feature our moon and star charms from the Barcelona Collection and they come gift wrapped in a black shimmer organza bag with separately packaged materials for each bracelet.

What’s Included in the kit:

  • 100% Cotton coated cord
  • Glass square beads with metallic lining
  • Barcelona Collection charm(s)
  • Sterling Silver toggle clasp(s)
  • Step by step instructions

Ordered your kit and want to follow along? Here are the step by step instructions with visuals to help you in the making of your new bracelets.


Step 1: Get your comfy clothes on.

Step 2: Grab a glass and pour your favorite drink!

Step 3: Place all of your kit materials on the table. We recommend using a placemat to keep materials in place.

DIY Kit Step 3


Step 4: Measure your wrist with the cord to determine the amount of length that will need beads.

DIY Kit Step 4A




Step 5: Insert charm on cord and thread beads on each side of the charm to cover the length around your wrist.

DIY Kit Step 5


Step 6: Insert toggle on one side of cord and tie with a double knot going through the jump ring two separate times. 

DIY Kit Step 6A

Insert ring on other side of cord and tie with a double knot. *Keep the feel of the bracelet slightly loose for comfort and to protect the beads from too much friction by tying knots while keeping the bracelet in a circular shape.

DIY Kit 6B


Step 7: Insert bead through each cord tail and secure with knot on top and bottom of bead.

DIY Kit Step 7A


DIY Kit Step 7B


Step 8: Cut excess cord after the bottom knot of the bead.

DIY KIt Step 8


Step 9: Your bracelet is ready to go!

Step 10: Put your bracelet on and show us how you style it! Tag us on Instagram @cielomarjewelry #cielomarjewelrydiykit

DIY Kit Step 9

Are you reading and still haven't gotten your kit? Check out the shop and find your favorite Barcelona DIY Bracelet Kit!

Hope you enjoyed making your new jewelry piece,


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