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Meet Kaileen Palmero-Murphy, the founder and florist behind Till Death Flower Co. based in Martinez, CA. I discovered Kaileen’s beautifully preserved bouquets on Instagram last year and immediately fell in love with her craft, design aesthetic, and muted color palettes. Her flower bouquets and arrangements are sophisticated, wild, and full of textures. I especially love the fact that you can display and style these in your home for years to come!
Kaileen shares about her journey, creative process and reveal the beautifully designed bouquet that she has created for our Valentine's Day collaboration.

Till Death Flower Co. Profile

Credit: Isa Jaymes Photography

Kaileen is the creative pair of hands behind Till Death Flower Co. specializing in dried and preserved floristry. She is an educator, wife, fur mama, avid traveler, and creative who was born and raised in California. Based in the Bay Area, Till Death Flower Co. launched in September 2020 and creates unique, handcrafted floral designs for any space or special occasion.

How did you discover your love for your craft?

I fell in love with flowers a few years ago when I started practicing for my wedding– I was adamant about doing the florals for my own wedding. My husband and I had a long engagement, so I had time to practice and taught myself along the way. We had to cancel our big celebration because of the pandemic, so we had a micro-wedding. I was so overwhelmed that I actually didn’t end up doing any of the florals. Long story short, I still had all this creativity bottled up and I needed a passion project to pour my energy into. 2020 was difficult for many reasons, so I created Till Death to bring joy into my life and hopefully others’ lives as well. 
Till Death Flower Co.

Credit: Kaileen Palmero-Murphy

How does your background influence your craft?

My working career is in education. I’m an elementary school teacher, which is basically the opposite of floristry! In the classroom, I follow a curriculum. With TDFC, I’m my own boss and can create anything. However, growing up I have always had creative outlets and art-related hobbies such as painting and drawing. I think it’s important to have a balance between my day job and this job. It’s been nice having this creative outlet to look forward to in the evenings and on the weekends. 

Tell us more about your brand and what you are all about?

Till Death Flower Co. is a play on words and is very true to who I am. I love the idea of the “anti-wedding” with a black, dark, and moody aesthetic. I’m drawn to dried flowers because of their texture and their unique look. Due to the nature of the dried and preserved flowers, they last for months and even years in the right conditions. I also enjoy working with dried flowers because in a way, I’m giving a new life to flowers that are essentially dead. 
Flowers make people happy. I’m all about creating something that makes people happy. My hope is that my flower arrangements captivate people, like paintings in a museum. It’s a play on texture and color and, like all art, conveys a message about the beauty in juxtaposing various colors, shapes, and ideas. 
My brand, and also myself as a person, supports all walks of life. I truly believe that flowers are for everyone. TDFC is also woman-owned by a person of color, supports sustainability, and supports other small businesses. 
Till Death Flower Co.

Credit: Bridget McDonald Photography

What inspires you to create your products?

I get inspired to keep creating when I challenge myself to make something that I haven’t made before or possibly something that someone hasn’t seen before. I try to keep the overall look consistent with my brand, while still keeping up with what’s new and “in” to appeal to my audience. I’m inspired by color schemes in nature as well. I’ll come across a photo from my travels and base my creations off of those colors. Another huge inspiration that keeps me going is the support from other small businesses, my friends and family, and also my customers. I have a wonderful community of creatives that I have connected with since starting TDFC, and it’s been incredible to see my business grow within my community. All of my products have names– they’re named after people or places that I love. 

Where do you create your products? Can you give us a glimpse into your process?

Currently, my workspace is in my garage. I work on a folding table and my backdrop for photos is a black sheet or sometimes my wall in the main bedroom of the house. It isn’t glamorous by any means. It’s hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Nonetheless, I love my work area and I’m grateful for my humble beginning.
The process is a long one, but it’s worth it. I’m a one woman show. I do the sourcing, planning, creating, packaging, marketing, customer support, etc. During the work week, I do flowers in the evenings after a day of teaching. We’re still doing distance learning, so I have time to do both. During the weekends I dedicate more time to making flower arrangements. Saturdays and Sundays usually consist of shopping for new inventory and fulfilling orders that came in throughout the week. Sourcing is one of the best parts of the process because I get to go shopping. The other top contender is when the product goes to its new home and I get pictures from happy customers.

What’s something new and exciting that you are working on right now?

I have so many plans and ideas in the works! I’ve been working on making a presence in the wedding industry. Elopements and micro-weddings are “in” right now, so I’m excited for the handful that I have lined up for this year. I also booked my first big wedding! 
In addition, I have planned a few collaborations with photographers for styled photoshoots. I participated in my first shoot in October 2020 when TDFC was in its newborn stage, and it was so fun getting the creative freedom to make what I wanted to showcase.
Other than that, I can’t say too much about new products coming out this year. What’s that phrase about never revealing your next move? All I can say is–stay tuned!
Till Death Flower Co

Credit: Justine Grajski Photos

Where can people find you and learn more about your brand and your products?

Till Death Flower Co. is based in Martinez, California. Since I don’t have a storefront, all sales are online through my website. I can ship bouquets as well as some of my smaller arrangements nationwide. I also do local deliveries throughout Contra Costa County, or customers can pick up their orders from my home.

You can follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook. IG is the best way to stay updated with new products, restocks, projects, etc. I also recently made a TikTok and have made a few before and after videos of arrangements. I totally get the hype—it’s addicting!


Instagram: @tilldeathflowerco

Facebook: Till Death Flower Co.

TikTok: @tilldeathflowerco


Bonus Question: Tell us about the Valentine’s Day curated bouquet that you designed for Cielomar Jewelry?

The Valentina Bouquet perfectly represents both of our brands. We went with a more minimalist and modern look that will look good in any space. Cielomar and I chose a metallic gold palm spear, white ruscus leaves, bleached pampas, and black phalaris grass. This bouquet will look perfect styled in a bud vase (not included). It’s the perfect accent to a credenza, bookshelf, or bedside table.

Ready for the big reveal of our Valentina bouquet?
Cielomar Jewelry X TDFC Bouquet
Shop Valentine's Day gifts and enjoy this limited edition bouquet as our gift to you with your order of $75+ *Available for individual purchase while supplies last.
We hope you love this Valentine’s Collab as much as we do!

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