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Hola! In celebration of Mother's Day, this week I'm featuring Moms from the Cielomar Jewelry community. I'll be introducing you to four of my favorite women that embody motherhood in their own unique way!
Today's featured Mom is my Mamacita, Cielito Rosado. She is the most loving, creative and hardworking woman. From a young age, she inspired me to dream big and work hard to reach my goals. She is my biggest supporter and fan! We live far away from each other, but that doesn't keep us apart...we talk over the phone almost every day and I'm consistently counting the days to see her again and enjoy her delicious food!
Creative Mom Cielito Rosado

Here's my chat with my Mamacita:

1. Hi Cielito, tell us about you and your family.

I’m the lucky Mom of two treasures, my dear son Javier and daughter Cielomar. They have gifted me some of the most amazing moments of my life. They’ve also supported me to reach many of my career goals...they are my biggest inspiration!

Cooking has always been my passion and I started my career in the culinary world with a catering business 28 years ago. Creativity has always been my best tool in order to grow and evolve in my profession. I’ve always approached every new challenge creatively...from presenting myself in front of the tv cameras for the first time, to writing culinary columns, public speaking and even radio appearances.


2.What do you love most about being a Mom?

It’s pure joy!!! I love being with my children, listening to them, taking care of them and spoiling them with their favorite foods.


3.What are your hobbies and how do you express your creativity?

I enjoy taking photographs of nature when I’m out and about. Additionally, I love creating new recipes, culinary events and exploring new restaurants wherever I go.


4.How do you set time aside for self care within your busy schedule?

I’m fortunate that my work allows me to have a flexible schedule. Nowadays, I work as a contractor within the culinary industry, so I’m able to set my own hours. I strive to balance my workload within my busy schedule by taking care of my health, beauty and exercising (which by the way...I should be doing more often).


5.Tell us about your signature style and how does Cielomar Jewelry compliments it?

My style is simple and elegant and I love how Cielomar Jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to my look for any occasion!


6.What are your favorite go-to tips that you can share with other busy Moms in our community?

I recommend having a daily beauty routine, exercising on a weekly basis and dedicating time to yourself regardless of your busy schedule. Everything is about balance.

 Have a favorite go-to tip to share with other Moms in our community? Share in the comments!

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