Opening Announcement: Del Cielo Brewing



I’m so excited to share some big news with you. After years of dreaming, planning and working together, my husband Luis and I finally opened our own brewery in Martinez, California! We call it Del Cielo Brewing Co. “Del Cielo” means “from heaven” in Spanish, which reflects our inspiration and the high quality standards used in the brewing process and ingredients.

Our love for craft beer started with the many road trips Luis and I have been taking since we first met in 2007. Tasting craft beer started off as a fun pursuit for us to explore together, pairing naturally with our love for good food and exploring other cultures through travel.

Beer brings people together, and it connected us with a close community of talented beer makers and enthusiasts. Luis started crafting his own beer at home, and his hobby quickly became a passion. His skills, creativity and hard work have paid off, winning him many awards within the craft beer community.



Del Cielo isn’t just a one-of-a-kind brewery where you can taste unique beers such as our Mexican Lager and our Black Coconut IPA, but a creative, communal, family friendly hub where friends as well as other artisans can gather. Our vision was to develop a versatile, modern and distinctive space that offers many uses, and when we found our historic building in Downtown Martinez, we knew this was the perfect location for us!

In addition to a constantly changing menu of beer with tasty bites (soon to come), We envisioned a space to feature the work of select local artists. This month, come check out the amazing Iceland landscapes exhibit by photographer Samantha Hardeman, opening on July 17th.



And of course, we’ve reserved a space to showcase my jewelry. :) If you’ve been admiring the line and wanting to try some of my jewelry on in person, come to Del Cielo Brewing to find your new favorite piece, enjoy a pint of delicious beer and make some new friends! You may find me popping out from my office space in back to say hello. We look forward to seeing you there! Mi Casa es tu Casa.

P.S. Check out our site here to read more about Del Cielo Brewing Co.

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Photo Credit: Mike Biggs

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