Tidy Up Your Mind and Space in 4 Simple Steps!

A new year always provides an opportunity for a fresh start!

I love beginning the year by purging and organizing throughout the house to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated throughout the previous year and create more physical and mental space.

During the holiday break, I binge watched a few of Marie Kondo’s episodes on Netflix, which inspired me to take a hard look at my office space and what needed to get done to create a more open and productive work space. I didn’t necessarily follow Kondo’s method step by step, but I did take some learnings from it.

Cielomar Jewelry office Spring Cleaning!

Here’s how I organized my office space in 4 simple steps:

(Heads up - the steps are simple, but they did take me multiple weeks to implement)

No.1: Commit yourself to tidying up

I started by looking at the current state of my office space and imagining what changes would enable a better workflow. I wanted to creat a place where all of my supplies are at hand’s reach and I can see everything at a glance.

Right away, I knew that I needed to take advantage of the wall space in my office closet to get rid of the clutter and the high stacks of containers from floor to ceiling. I also identified that I was going to need a variety of organizing bins in order to create a home for everything. Like they say in Spanish:”Un lugar para cada cosa y cada cosa en su lugar” “A place for each thing and everything in it's place”.

No.2: Discard what doesn’t bring you joy!

Next, I discarded paperwork, cardboard boxes and anything that didn’t bring joy to my office and recycled what I could. Then I purged any non-recyclable items that needed to be donated or discarded...and voila! More space was created.

No.3: Research and purchase supplies to get organized

After I identified my needs to create a more organized space, I started the research portion of the project. I love doing research and finding just the right thing for my needs within my minimalist aesthetic!

No.4: Organize items by category

Finally, I spent some time organizing everything by category--paper, storage bags, show props, packaging supplies, etc.--and placing things in their new home.

This whole process has created such a sense of relief and accomplishment. I love how the energy and functionality of the space have been transformed and know that it will allow me to be more productive in the year ahead!

Cielomar Jewelry Office Spring Cleaning!

Cielomar Jewelry Office Spring Cleaning!

Here are some of my favorite organizing finds that I’ve added to my office space.

Closet Organizing System:

Tidying up Office Space with Ikea Algot Wall System.

Photo Credit: Ikea


Minimalist Powder Coating Shelving:

Tidying up Office Space with Target Bent Metal Wall Shelf (24") - Project 62™.

Photo Credit: Target


Minimalist Storage Boxes:

Tidying up Office Space with Kuggis Box with Lid.

Photo Credit: Ikea


Felt Storage Box:

Tidying up Office Space with Target 14"x15" Felt Large Rectangle Basket with Stitching Dark Gray - Project 62™.

Photo Credit: Target


Office Organizers:

Tidying up Office Space with Container Store Like-It-desktop-station-large.

Tidying up Office Space with Container Store Like-It-paper-drawer-portrait.

Photo Credit:Container Store 


Do you share my goal of tyding up this Spring? Comment below and let me know how you’re planning to make more physical and mental space!


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