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Tracy Chocholousek - White Sage Wellness

Meet Tracy Chocholousek, the founder and herbalist behind White Sage Wellness. I met Tracy at an outdoor market a few years ago and organically connected with her and her wellness product line. Throughout the years, we’ve reconnected at artisan markets and I’ve continued to explore her line of aroma-therapeutic sprays.

It’s become a ritual of mine to spray my bed sheets with her Smudge Sprays before going to bed, in order to prepare my resting space. Reason why I’m beyond excited to be featuring her Sacred Shield Smudge Spray on our first Thoughtfully Curated Box releasing on September 1st!

Tracy Chocholousek

WHITE SAGE WELLNESS is based in Oakland, CA and creates organic, plant powered wellness products for body, mind, and spirit. Tracy has been nurturing her relationship with plant medicine and working with essential oils for over a decade. She considers each creation a ritual tool for self-care, to elevate the senses and create your sacred space. 
Want to learn more about Tracy and her work with essential oils? Join me in my conversation with her about discovering her love for plants, her wellness line and a behind the scenes look on how she sources and develops her products.

How did you discover your love for your craft?

I have always been passionate and curious about the mysteries and magic of nature. While earning my masters’ degree in Holistic Counseling, I began exploring a variety of energetic, metaphysical, and spiritual practices. When I discovered essential oils, I started creating intentional blends for use in ritual, for anointing and cleansing, and specific scents for certain people and purposes. I fell in love with the intentional process, the direct connection to nature, & with the healing energetics & interactions of the plant essences themselves.


How does your background influence your craft?

My background in the healing arts and belief in art as healer has led me to integrate my passions of nature, creativity & connection. I believe that creativity provides a powerful path toward personal growth and healing. As nature has been my greatest healer, I love creating nature-based healing tools for people to use - even from the comfort of their indoor environments. I find that working relationally and creating collaboratively with others is one of my primary sources of inspiration. 

 White Sage Wellness

White Sage Wellness - Aromatherapy Line

Tell us more about your brand and what you are all about?

The mission of White Sage Wellness is to provide high quality, ecologically conscious wellness products that promote self-care, self-compassion & mindfulness, while nurturing a deep connection and care for plant medicine and the planet.

All products are made in small batches with organic and sustainably sourced materials. I use homegrown or local and ethically wild-harvested plants when possible.  No synthetics or unnecessary additives or preservatives. 


What inspires you to create your products?

I am inspired by the seasons, cycles & elements of nature along with the sensory experience of how each plant makes me feel. I love exploring how each plant has its own unique offering, nuance, energy and personality. 

My scent inspiration often comes to me in the form of fantasies and daydreams. I get a picture of a potent moment in time, something to consecrate and make sacred, and then I find a combination of scents that crystalizes that moment of inspiration into form. 


Where do you create your products? Can you give us a glimpse into your process?

I have a modest home studio in my breakfast nook. It’s always been one of my favorite rooms in my house. I moved upstairs from the “Craft Cave” two years ago and am inspired to work in the sunlight of the space & in a more integrated flow with my everyday life. 


What’s something new and exciting that you are working on right now?

I have an amazing facial serum formula that I hope to release this year - working title: Lavender Moon. It smells dreamy and makes your skin feel like satin


Where can people find you and learn more about your brand and your products?

My website and instagram are the best online resources right now to learn more about my products: @white_sage_wellness

As outdoor markets and boutiques begin to open up, I will be participating in more craft fairs, farmers’ markets, and re-entering retail. 

Always an option - work with me to design your own personalized product or scent! My favorite part of my business is working with individuals to create their own custom scent blends & personalized healing tools. 

Bonus Question: What do you keep on your night stand?

Always a random assortment of reading material, herbal eye pillow, calming oils and lip balm, and fresh or dried cuttings of soothing aromatic herbs - right now I have a jar of dried lavender, mugwort & sagebrush that I inhale before reclining.


White Sage Wellness - Sacred Shield 

I'm sure you enjoyed meeting Tracy and learning more about her process! Stay tuned for the big reveal of our first Thoughtfully Curated Box. The theme is Mesa de Noche (Night Stand) and one of the featured objects will be Tracy's Sacred Shild Smudge Spray.
*Mark your calendars, the two week pre-sale starts on September 1st!
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