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Love is love in SAPPHIRES

When my childhood friend, Monica, reached out to me about designing wedding bands for her and her future wife, I knew it was going to be an extra special project. What I didn’t know was just how much fun I’d have sourcing the perfect sapphires and how much I’d learn along the way.

Monica’s Modern Wedding Band Stack

Monica and her then fiancée, Katie, each came prepared with a vision for their respective rings. Monica wanted a stackable look with three gold bands. These forever rings would be sculpted with a sleek, straight edge—polished to a satin, hammered finish for a textured accent. 

Montana Sapphire Ring Design Process

Originally, Monica imagined the bands would be adorned with flush-set stones, but as we worked together, she realized she wanted to feature a unique center stone. Because Monica sought an alternative to the traditional choice of diamonds, I suggested sapphires as a gemstone rich in color variations and hard enough to stand up to daily wear.

Monica fell in love with a brilliant-cut Montana sapphire. With its distinctive, rich teal color and ethical mining practices, she knew it was exactly what she was looking for. 

Montana Sapphire Ring Set

Katie’s Minimalist, Organic Solitaire 

Like Monica, Katie envisioned a gold wedding ring, but hers would feature a modestly sized stone—not too small, not too big! She explained that she wanted a more organic look and an unusual, muted color. To complement the natural feel of the stone, the band of her ring would be gently rounded with a satin finish.

Madagascar Sapphire Ring Design Process

We searched far and wide for a sapphire with *just* the right color, shape and size. Did you know that sapphires come in all shades of yellow, purple, orange, pink, and green—as well as blue? After viewing several options from my trusted vendors, she chose a free-form, rose-cut Madagascar sapphire with a gorgeous smoky lavender hue.
Madagascar Ring Set

A Dream Come True

The finishing touch to both Monica and Katie’s rings was a custom engraving with the date of their wedding day. I love a happy ending, don’t you?

Wedding Sapphire Ring Sets

 Working with Monica and Katie was such a lovely experience! I was able to bring their wedding ring dreams to life from across the country, connecting with them seamlessly over Zoom and weekly email check-ins.


The Review

Love the Ring! Thank you for providing all of those options and for taking my vision into consideration. I can't imagine my ring looking any different than what I have✨ - Katie


Join me in wishing Monica and Katie a warm congratulations on both their union AND gorgeous designs. If you have a vision, there’s no reason why it can’t come true! 

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