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Ask the Jeweler: How to Choose Gemstone Shapes & Cuts

Gem Shapes

Choosing a gemstone and its shape and cut can be one of the most fun, yet sometimes overwhelming parts of custom jewelry design. Here’s a handy guide that breaks down what to look for and why! 


Gemstone Shapes and Cuts: The Basics

  • Definition please!

    Shape means exactly what you’d think! That is, the basic outline of a gemstone, such as round, oval, or square. On the other hand, different cuts, such as Radiant or Asscher cuts, create three-dimensional style and sparkle, each with different quantities and sizes of facets cut into the gemstone. 


    • Maximizing that natural beauty

    Ideally, your chosen shape + cut maximizes the stone’s size and weight (and value!), highlights its clarity and color, and enhances its natural beauty, creating effects, such as brightness (glowing from within), fire (scattering tiny rainbows), and scintillation (casting a dancing pattern of light and shadow). 


    • Aim for that perfect match!

    Each shape and cut has its own unique history and pairs well with different colors of gemstones and settings.  

    A darker stone, for example, works well with a shallower cut and wide table, or topmost facet, allowing light to filter in, enhancing the color. Choose an Asscher cut to bring out a gem’s clarity, an emerald cut to highlight a gem’s rich color, or a round cut for maximum light and sparkle. 


    Gemstone Shapes and Cuts: The Details

    Can you visualize it? Here are the most popular gemstone shapes and cuts—handy for designing your very own custom jewelry piece!


    Gem Stone Shapes

    CJ Gem Shapes

    Gem Stone Cuts

    Gem Cuts

    Tips For Designing With Gemstones

    Feeling overwhelmed with options? Here are a few ways to approach choosing your gemstone. 

    • What’s your favorite color? 

    Many gems come in a surprising array of colors. Once you decide on a color, you can choose which gem best fits your budget!


      • Totally obsessed with…

      Maybe it’s the stone itself that calls to you. A lifelong love of emeralds? A desire for diamonds? Choosing a type of stone can help focus your design, as certain cuts work best with different stones.


      • All about the look.

      Another way to approach design is to think about the feeling you want your piece to evoke. Sparkly glamour? Vintage elegance? Modern minimalism? Choose a shape and cut that evokes that style, and the rest will follow! 


          The combinations of stones and cuts are endless, allowing you to create a look that complements your design and fits your vision! 

          Ready to style your dream gemstone?

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