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Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition

Product image 1Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 2Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 3Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 4Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 5Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 6Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 7Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition
Product image 8Mesa de Noche - Limited Edition

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Cielomar Jewelry • London Clay Ceramics • White Sage Wellness

The theme - Mesa de Noche -  inspired by nighttime rituals and the thoughtful objects we keep by our bedside.

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CIELOMAR JEWELRY | Luna Creciente Earrings
Experience the luminous glow of Barcelona nights with these everyday – and every night – crescent moon earrings, handcrafted in yellow bronze with sterling silver posts and polished to a satin finish. A celebration of mystique and moonlight!
*Option of Sterling Silver or Yellow Bronze.
Details: Height: .375 in. H x 3125 in. W
This one-of-a-kind jewelry vessel is a unique piece for your nightstand to place your jewelry to rest at the end of the day. They are made exclusively for Cielomar Jewelry and designed to have a modern feel by combining raw clay with a gestural moon glaze design in Powers Grey. *Each brushstroke design is unique and colors might vary.
Details: 5in. Diameter with straight sides.
WHITE SAGE WELLNESS | Sacred Shield Smudge Spray
This aromatherapeutic spray can be used as part of your daily smudging ritual for energetic cleansing and protection. Keep on your night stand and use it to prepare your resting space by spraying around your bedroom and on top of your bed sheets before a night's rest. Handcrafted with the healing powers & organic essential oils of Ho Wood, Palo Santo, Tea Tree, Palmarosa, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lime and Vetiver.
*Includes exclusive Moon Meditation, a nighttime ritual for winding down to a peaceful sleep.
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Treat yourself or a loved one to this curated box of artisan crafted pieces inspired by moonlight & magic!
This limited edition box will be available for 2 WEEK PRE-SALE and shipped out by end of September. Shipping is included. 

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SIZE 4.5 - 1 7/8 in.
SIZE 5 - 1 15/16 in.
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SIZE 6 - 2 1/16 in.
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SIZE 7 - 2 1/8 in.
SIZE 7.5 - 2 3/16 in.
SIZE 8 - 2 1/4 in.
SIZE 8.5 - 2 5/32 in.
SIZE 9 - 2 5/16 in.
SIZE 9.5 - 2 3/8 in.
SIZE 10 - 2 7/16 in.
SIZE 10.5 - 2 1/2 in.
SIZE 11- 2 9/16 in.
SIZE 11.5 - 2 19/32 in.
SIZE 12 - 2 5/8 in.

Sizing Tips:

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  • Keep in mind that fingers on your dominant hand are often up to ½ size larger, so make sure to measure the finger on the hand where you would like to wear the ring.
  • If you are in between sizes, go for the larger size or request a half size.

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Sizes (circumference): 

  • Small - 7.45 in.
  • Medium - 7.85 in.
  • Large - 8.25 in.
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