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Custom Design Journal: An Emerald Anniversary

Some friends are like family, and that’s how my husband and I have come to feel about Mike and Cherie. This past February, Mike came to me with a special request. He wanted to surprise his wife with a custom pendant featuring a stone to commemorate their 35th wedding anniversary in August. Gotta love a good planner! 

First, we thought of featuring a jade stone, but after looking at our choices and exploring different designs, we decided on an emerald-cut emerald, bezel set on a platinum chain. Mike also chose a subtle engraving for the back—the date of their 35th anniversary—the day that Cherie received her surprise, custom-designed anniversary necklace.
While researching stones, we learned that emeralds are a traditional gemstone to commemorate a 35th wedding anniversary and decided that an emerald would be the perfect fit for Cherie’s pendant.
35th Anniversary Emerald Pendant


The highest quality emeralds can be even more rare than diamonds, and unlike many other gems, they only come in shades of one color… green! Ranging from pale grass green to deep, rich, blue-ish green, emeralds are also incredibly unique. Each one carries its own inclusions, formed during the process of crystallization, marking them as both authentic and valuable. 

I can’t think of a better metaphor or a better way to celebrate the amazing achievement of 35 years together! This timeless, elegant emerald necklace will be a daily reminder of Mike and Cherie’s love and commitment.

FROM THE SKETCHBOOK: A peek into the design process

Take a closer look at the images and renderings that helped guide Mike through the design journey.


35th Anniversary Emerald Pendant Design Process


35th Anniversary Emerald Pendant


“Working with Cielomar was fun and easy.  We discussed everything from budget to getting to know Cherie’s jewelry tastes.  Because it was a “signature” anniversary, we started with the stone that represented 35 years.  Cielomar was great at doing some research when I told her that jade was not a favorite of mine and she noted that emerald was also a symbol of 35 years.  Cielomar presented me with several ideas and drawings that would later take shape into the final design and end product.  She was also great about keeping me in the loop along the creation journey.  The final product was beautiful and well made.  I’m not sure how I was able to keep it a secret from Cherie for the two months from when it was crafted to our anniversary.  When she opened it she was so excited.  It was so special to her because it was made just for her and the fact that I had entrusted such a special occasion to Cielomar made us cherish our friendship even more. “


Join me in wishing Mike and Cherie a happy 35th Anniversary. I can’t wait to see her wearing her beautiful pendant the next time I see her (hopefully at one of her beautifully hosted dinners). Cheers! ✨

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Mike's 35th anniversary surprise story! One of my favorite things about custom jewelry design is getting to play a part in the special moments in your lives. On next month’s Custom Design Journal, I will be sharing Ryan and Mareni's story—their thoughtful approach to designing coordinating wedding bands that honor their commitment to each other and to their heritage.

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XO, Cielomar

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