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Custom Design Journal: Love in any Language

This week, I’d like to share a page from my Custom Design Journal, highlighting the story of my friends, Ryan and Mareni, and how we created the perfect coordinating wedding bands to reflect their heritage and their love for each other. 
Meet Ryan and Mareni. I have known Ryan since we attended design school together, in Sarasota, Florida. When Ryan reached out to me about designing an engagement ring for Mareni, I just had to say yes! I felt so honored to have the opportunity to create a piece of fine jewelry representing his love and commitment for Mareni. We settled on an asscher cut diamond, bezel set in platinum with a sleek 14K rose gold band.
Asscher cut diamond engagement ring in 14K Rose Gold with coordinating wedding band
Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold
During a surprise trip to Las Vegas, just as they were about to go into an Andrea Bocelli concert, Ryan proposed… and Mareni said YES! Then the pandemic hit, and their wedding plans got delayed. Persevering, the three of us got together via video conference to discuss their ideas about wedding bands. They wanted to create something extra special to honor Mareni’s Mexican heritage and Ryan’s Irish roots.
Together, Ryan and Mareni decided that they wanted their bands to mimic the simplicity of the engagement ring band, but embellished with engravings that would add an extra layer of meaning. 
Wedding bands with Mayan numeric symbols and Ogham engraving
On the upper portion of both bands, we used Mayan numeric symbols to inscribe the day of their first date (when they didn’t speak the same language!). On the lower area of the band their last name, Egan, was spelled out in Ogham, an alphabet system used to write Old Irish. Together, the two inscriptions united the beginnings of their story and their future as a married couple.



Take a closer look at the images and renderings that helped guide Ryan and Mareni through their design journey.


Asscher cut diamond engagement ring with coordinating wedding band in 14k rose gold


Platinum men's wedding band with Mayan symbols and Ogham engraving

The tricky part was applying this intricate design to Mareni’s band. We needed to create a double band with a bridge that would fit the engagement ring seamlessly on the center. After a few design rounds, we figured out how to achieve Mareni and Ryan’s one-of-a-kind.
[Pic of Wedding Bands]
Mareni's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (Side by Side)
Asscher cut diamond engagement ring in 14K Rose Gold with coordinating wedding band
Mareni's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (Nested)

And finally, Ryan and Mareni’s coordinating wedding bands were finished! I love the engraving’s  simple yet unique geometric pattern, and the layers of deeply personal meaning embedded in the design.

Men's wedding band with Mayan symbols and Ogham engraving

Ryan's Coordinating Platinum Wedding Band

Ryan and Mareni ended up tying the knot in their home during the pandemic, and now they’re thrilled to be planning a big celebration in Mareni’s home country, Mexico. 

Join me in wishing them a lifetime of joy and happiness. I can’t wait to celebrate with them next year with a margarita in hand. Salud!



Working with Cielomar is an awesome experience. She recently helped design an engagement ring for my (now) fiancé. She listened to what I had in mind, gave great advice, and worked quickly. We had weekly design reviews. The final product came out beautifully and my fiancé is happy as well! I fully recommend working with Cielomar. - Ryan

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Ryan and Mareni’s story! One of my favorite parts of custom jewelry design is getting to play a part in the special moments in your lives. Going forward, I’ll be sharing some of these stories from time to time, highlighting the personal aspect of the design process and how I can help translate your story into a deeply meaningful piece of fine jewelry.

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