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Designing the Perfect Match!

This is the sweet story of a match made in heaven—a gorgeous custom solitaire diamond engagement ring and an organic diamond cluster wedding band! 
I never shy away from a design challenge, so I was thrilled to help create a perfectly complementary set of commitment rings featuring a beautiful array of lab-grown diamonds. 
Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Ring Set

Tom contacted me with a special request for a custom engagement ring to present to his girlfriend Ariana in his surprise proposal. Designing commitment rings is always an honor, but surprise proposals bring an extra level of excitement! Aiming to propose before their summer trip to Europe, we set out to design an engagement ring and wedding band featuring the classic look of prong set diamonds that Ariana adores. 


First I sourced lab-grown diamonds that fit the ethical ideals Tom was looking for. Specifically, he was looking for a 1.25 ct diamond for the center stone. I sourced and presented him with 3 options in the VS1 and VVS2, in colors D, E, F. He was able to inspect them in person under a loop and selected his favorite featured stone.

Cielomar Jewelry Custome Jewelry Design Process

After sourcing all stones, we move to digital rendering of the rings, followed by resin models for Tom to review in person, and then the production of the rings themselves.

Tom knew Ariana wanted a simple/low setting for the main ring in a very thin band. We went as delicate as possible without compromising the structure of the ring.

For the coordinating wedding band, Tom shared inspo images for the organic cluster band, and we sat together and designed the size and placement of the stones (1mm-2MM in size). The biggest challenge was creating the organic cluster feel while still allowing space for the prongs of the main ring to fit seamlessly when worn together. As you can see, we made it happen beautifully.  

Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Ring Set


The finished engagement ring features a gorgeous center lab grown diamond with a prong compass setting and a thin, 14k gold half-round band, and the complementary wedding band has an organic, clustered look, just like Tom envisioned. 


We arranged the multi-sized smaller stones on the wedding band to gracefully frame the engagement ring’s center stone. Artful placement of the stones—with a slight arc at the center and then fanning out to either side—creating a natural, clustered look while allowing the rings to nestle seamlessly together. Perfect!


I am so thrilled for this wonderful couple, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for several years. It’s so exciting to see them committing to each other and building a life together. It's an honor to make this custom piece that will forever serve as a symbol of this deep love and commitment to each other.

Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Ring Set



"When I set off on the journey to find an engagement ring set, I never dreamed of making a custom one. Working with Cielomar, who was patient, insightful, and driven to make my vision a reality, made this process one of the most special things I’ve ever done. I’m beyond thrilled with the rings, and so is the person who will wear them forever. Thank you, Cielomar!"

Lab Grown Diamond Cluster Ring Set

Tom carefully planned his proposal day by 'casually' planning a weekend at Half Moon Bay with Ariana. He planned an early morning hike, and he proposed at the top of the mountain overlooking the ocean. Ariana was beyond surprised…tears were streaming down her cheeks; she was speechless and overwhelmed with happiness.

Tom kept the wedding band hidden to give to Ariana in the future but neither of them could wait, so he ended up presenting it to Ariana once they got back home. She didn’t want to give it back, so we can all assume that she loved it!

Congratuations, Tom and Ariana! You are now Fiancéd!

Looking to create your own unique engagement ring or wedding band for a holiday proposal? Let’s get started! Fill out the custom design form today and I’ll be in touch.

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