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Meet Tom: A Peek Inside his Custom Journey

Wondering who's Tom? Good question! Tom is a dear friend and custom jewelry client who recently worked with Cielomar Jewelry to create the perfect wedding ring set for his now-fiancé Ariana. After our collaboration, I requested a short review to include on our blog featuring his custom design ring set, but he was kind enough to also offer this long narrative of his experience designing with Cielomar Jewelry. 

Custom Jewelry Testimonial


When I sat down with Cielomar to discuss designing a custom engagement set, I was really close to just buying a ring online or settling for one that my girlfriend had tried on and liked but not loved. It’s not that she was asking for anything unreasonable, she just knew what she liked, and we were trying to find something that fit her tastes while also respecting my wish to not support the diamond market. I was lost and procrastinating because I felt overwhelmed.


Cielomar had asked me to email her photos of what I had been looking at so she could be prepared for our sit down. As soon as we started talking, I could tell she was trying to identify what my needs were and had already brainstormed how to meet them. She showed me the ring she was designing, and I started to feel less stressed.


We met several times over the next few months as well as exchanged numerous emails. The entire process was documented through continual updates about the rings and where things were in the design process. Every time a new rendering was complete, we would meet to discuss it and change things we felt would improve the ring. I never in a million years thought I would agonize over the placement of a diamond down to the millimeter, but that was the amazing part of being able to custom make this ring.


Cielomar also made sure to source beautiful stones that met my financial and ethical requirements. Looking over these stones and choosing the perfect one was definitely one of the more exciting (and nerve-racking) parts of the process, but her expertise helped make the final decision really easy.


As soon as I saw the final product, I knew I had made the right choice in working with her. I started sweating bullets when she gave me the ring, knowing that it was now all up to me.

Lab Grown Organic Cluster Diamond Ring SetLuckily everything went (mostly) to plan during the proposal and my fiancé loves her ring! Knowing that it was something I had helped design for her made it just that much more special, and I absolutely loved being able to tell her about all the design work that went into her rings. Sitting on our couch and listening to her admire something about the ring and then getting to tell her the story behind that design element, or even telling her things she hadn’t noticed yet, made her fall in love with it even more. These are the moments that made me so much happier than if I had just purchased something online. I know that if we ever start a family, this is something that we would be proud to pass down.


There was no point during the months I worked with Cielomar that I ever felt lost, ignored, or worried about what was happening. She made sure that I voiced my opinions about changes I wanted to make, things I just didn’t like, or anything else that would prevent me from feeling like I was one hundred percent satisfied. I’m happy to say that I am one hundred percent satisfied and thank her for all of her work to make this forever moment one that neither my fiancé nor I will ever forget.

Custom Jewelry Testimonial


If you are inspired by Tom’s story and wish to have your own custom jewelry experience with us, fill out our Custom Jewelry Form. Or, if you are an existing customer and feel moved to share your story too, please feel free to get in touch via email at!

We’d love to share your experience with our community.

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