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Platinum Heirloom Revival

The Story

My friend, Becky, sparked my curiosity one day when she texted me to find out if I worked specifically with titanium. After I inquired further, she explained that she was looking to design a pair of stud earrings bezel set with two brilliant stones from her grandmother, but she seemed to be allergic to all other metals. I suggested that we test using platinum instead, and the elegant combination of the silvery, white luster with the round-cut stones seemed suitable for such a meaningful heirloom piece.

Heirloom Revival - Custom Jewelry Design Process

The Design Process

One of the earth’s rarest and purest elements, platinum is naturally hypoallergenic—perfect for Becky’s sensitive skin. Four times stronger than gold, platinum is also one of the hardest, most durable metals, retaining its radiant luminosity while securely holding such precious stones. To be absolutely certain of the metal’s compatibility with her skin, I delivered the mounting to Becky so she could test them for a few days to ensure she wouldn’t react…and she didn’t! She adored the specialty earring backs that I sourced for her, which need to be pressed in order to release, keeping her heirloom stones extra secure and even more comfortable to wear—even through the night. Becky loved the settings, so we quickly moved forward to have them completed before Christmas.


The Final Piece 

After setting the stones and photographing the finalized earrings, I discreetly delivered them to her husband so he could surprise her with an unforgettable gift at their intimate Christmas celebration. Becky lit up with overwhelming joy as she unboxed her present to find her heirloom stones transformed into a pair of dazzling, platinum-set stud earrings: the essence of timeless grace. I was beyond thrilled to have taken part in such a memorable moment and to help Becky finally find the perfect metal to honor her grandmother’s beautiful stones.


The Review

 "After my Grandmother's passed we discovered these two loose stones in her jewelry box. Not precious in the conventional sense, they were precious to me simply for having been hers, and I knew they needed to become a family heirloom. From the very start Cielomar was compassionate and offered suggestions on how to best showcase the stones while working around my metal allergy. I could not be more in love with the finished earrings and thankful that I entrusted the creation of these treasures to Cielomar's care." - Becky

Are you looking to refresh a special heirloom or update your jewelry collection?

We can work together to transform your stones into a customized piece to be treasured for generations.  

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