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Cutting Sapphires for a Unique Shine

September's birthstone is the ever-luxurious sapphire. To honor this gemstone, we thought we’d take a closer look at the best possible ways to showcase sapphires in your jewelry. Who knows what projects might be inspired by these geometric possibilities! 
Yellow Sapphire Hexagon Rosecut

Hexagon Rose Cut Sapphire 2.56ct. | © Misfit Diamonds

The More You Know…

Sapphires, which are made of a hard crystalized substance known as corundum, have a naturally hexagonal crystalline structure, which enables it to be cut into a variety of durable shapes. Good quality sapphires have high refraction, so we want to honor that sparkle with the right cut. Here are some wonderful possibilities!

Rose Cut

This cut is bursting with vintage appeal. In a Rose Cut, the base of the stone is left unfaceted while the top of the stone is cut into a dome with distictive triangle facets rising into a point. The rose cut is especially good at shining in low-light conditions.

Trillion Sapphire Rose Cut

Trillion Rose Cut Sapphire 1.15ct | © Misfit Diamonds
Step Cut

In a Step Cut, rows and facets are cut parallel to the edge of the gemstone, resembling a staircase… hence the name. Although this shape may initially call to mind emeralds (in fact, when the corners of a Step Cut are clipped, it’s called an Emerald Cut!), this is a beautiful and perhaps unexpected option for sapphires as well. 

Green Sapphire Step Cut Cut Corner

Cut Corner Rectangle Step Cut Sapphire 2ct. | © Misfit Diamonds

Portrait Cut

This cut is a showstopper! If you want a unique shape as a centerpiece, this may be the perfect cut for you. With a Portrait Cut, there is faceting added to the sides of the gemstone, and the rest of the stone is polished flat to have a glasslike appearance, almost like a mirror. The overall silhouette is customizable and always feels somewhat unique. 

White Sapphire Shield Portrait Cut

Shield Portrait Cut Sapphire 1.62ct. | © Misfit Diamonds

Brilliant Cut

Brilliant Cut is all about enhancing sparkle, and let’s face it—who doesn’t love a little extra shine? With its sparkle-enhancing triangular, ite, or lozenge-shaped facets, the Brilliant Cut is all about treating this gemstone like the premiere stone it is. In fact, the Brilliant Cut is a classic go-to cut for both diamonds and sapphires because of its ability to bring out all of their reflective brilliance.

Tiger Sapphire Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Sapphire 1.16ct. | © Misfit Diamonds

Which Cut is Your Favorite?

The exciting thing about starting a custom jewelry project with a specific cut in mind is that it will help guide our stone sourcing process and be a source of inspiration for the final design. Select the cut that fits your style and enhances your sapphire with a unique shine. Building your design from this foundation is an exciting way to start envisioning your own custom jewelry piece! 

Are you ready? Me too! Let’s get designing.
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