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Jewelry Box Refresh: Breathing new life into your collection

Have you ever wondered what to do with fine jewelry that you no longer enjoy or wear?

Whether it’s a gift from someone whose taste never quite matched your own, pieces that you used to wear but just don’t reach for anymore (like that high school ring?), or even a memento from a past relationship, we all have those pieces that seem to just sit on the sidelines, getting tarnished or tangled. 


I have GOOD NEWS! With a jewelry box refresh, I can help you use those pieces you’re ready to let go of to create something brand new that you’ll absolutely LOVE. Using the refined metal and any stones from your existing piece(s), we will go through the Custom Jewelry Design process, using your upcycled materials and adding anything else we might need!Custom Jewelry Metal Refining Process
The jewelry refining process

✨First we start by assessing your existing piece(s). We can take any gold, silver, or platinum fine jewelry, and test it for karat authenticity. 


✨Next, we confirm with you via written contract that you’d like to move ahead with the process. We remove any gemstones, weigh the metal, and then ship it (insured via UPS) to our trusted refiner to undergo the refining process. 


✨The good news is that 100% of the refining value is credited towards your new custom jewelry piece (minus insured shipping charges). 

A new life for your jewelry

In order to bring new life to the pieces you’d like to refresh, we need some inspiration! We will go through the same thoughtful custom design process for your jewelry box refresh as we would with any custom piece. 


It starts with the Custom Design Inquiry Form, a complimentary virtual consultation, and incorporates the assessment and refining process into our design timeline (note: this will lengthen the usual 8–12 weeks that we allow for custom design and production). 


I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you, and If you are local to the Bay Area and are interesed in the custom jewelry design process, I would love to meet with you to discuss your unique custom design at our upcoming in person event at Del Cielo Brewing in Downtown Martinez.
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