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🌒 What's that glow?

There is something new in the night sky—the first drop of the Eclipse Capsule is here!

One of our most diverse collections yet, the Eclipse Capsule plays with the possibilities of lunar shapes. Inspired by the glowing ring of light visible during an eclipse, these pieces feature crescents and circles, layered and connected with different metal and size combinations. 
From the cool silvery moon to the golden glowing crescent of a full eclipse—this collection hints at something fleeting and beautiful among the stars.  


Lightweight and eye-catching, these earrings take versatility to a whole new level, playing with different sizes and styles to highlight our signature tapered Eclipse ring shape. Whether you prefer simple studs, dramatic hoops, or unique drop earrings, we have the perfect pair for you! 



Shimmering with fluidity and balance, the star of this collection is the elegantly tapered Eclipse ring shape, layered in unique combinations to suit every occasion. 

We love how the layered metals suggest all the different ways that we share our light. A perfect gift for someone who always shines for others, or a celebration of your own vibrant glow. The Eclipse Collection captures a delicate and strong beauty—and unlike a real eclipse, these pieces are here to stay. 
Discover your new favorite pieces from the Eclipse Capsule!

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