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We are all about the expressive power of jewelry, and we love to help you stretch your collection’s potential  to the max. Layering creates so many styling combinations, allowing your pieces to shine in new, surprising ways!

You are probably familiar with stackable rings (like ours!) but there are so many more ways to layer your jewelry. This summer we’ve been all about stacking our rings and bangles, but necklaces—especially chains— also work beautifully together to create a timeless, cascading effect. It’s all about picking the right pieces and freeing yourself to get creative! 
Three strand layering chain in sterling silver
Three Strand Layering Chain



  1. Mix it up!  Pairing different metals and textures is okay—in fact, this is where a lot of the creativity and self-expression comes in, so don’t be shy!
  2. Create that coveted cascading necklace look by varying necklace lengths (16 in., 18 in., 24 in, and up to 30 in. long)
  3. Rule of thumb: shorter chains work with smaller pendants, and longer chains pair well with larger pendants
  4. Three is the magic number—why does a stack of three just pop? It looks good and we're going for it!
Layering chains in sterling silver
Three Strand Layering Chain Look

Whether you’re just starting your collection or looking for new ways to style your favorite pieces,  the Chain Capsule is designed to be classic and versatile, perfect for expressing yourself and all your layers. ✨ 

Layering beaded box chain in sterling silver

NEW Layering Beaded Box Chain

Layering box and link chain in sterling silver

NEW Layering Bar and Link Chain

Layering paperclip chain in sterling silver

NEW Layering Paperclip Chain

Love the look of cascading necklaces, but worried about tangling? Meet my new best friend, the layering clasp, which secures each necklace individually for a effortless layering look! *Available for two and three strands layering.

Layering clasp for two strands in sterling silver

Layering Clasp - Two Strands

Layering clasp for three strand in sterling silver

Layering Clasp - Three Strands


Which layers will you choose for your layering look?



XO, Cielomar

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