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Gem of the month: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Sophisticated yet wild and mysterious… Durable yet delicate… 

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite stones to design with, the salt and pepper diamond! These unique stones feature a sprinkling of black and white inclusions, giving them their signature moody gray hue and almost iridescent sparkle.  

_______________ Salt and Pepper Loose Diamonds

Why I love salt and pepper diamonds?

So many reasons! Let’s break it down. 

  • The Look
Salt and pepper diamonds combine the best of all worlds—the enduring hardness of diamonds with unique colorations that we usually think of with other gemstones. In silky gray tones embedded with sparkling bright black and white specks, these jewels are each completely unique, making them a firm favorite of modern designers looking to spice up a timeless classic.

  • The Possibilities
Because each salt and pepper diamond is so unique, the possibilities are endless! Their grayscale tones and range of clarity from moody and smoky to smoldering sparkle pairs well with colored gemstones, traditional clear diamonds, and a range of metals. They also work wonderfully in a variety of shapes and sizes!

  • The Practicalities
While highly valued for their beauty, we tend to find salt and pepper diamonds at a lower price point than traditional clear diamonds, because inclusions are *technically* considered flaws in the world of gemology. The result? Maximum style on a moderate budget. 

Salt & Pepper Diamonds_Misfitdiamonds

Image Credit: Misfit Diamonds

✨Tips for designing with salt and pepper diamonds✨

  • Choose a cut with a wide facet.
A rose cut, the most popular choice, allows light to filter in and illuminate those perfect imperfections, allowing your stone’s special characteristics to shine. 

    • Dress it up or dress it down.
    Because salt and pepper diamonds are so versatile, they work well with either a minimalist approach or a more traditional aesthetic, and look truly stunning paired with heirloom jewels.

      • Choose the stone that feels right.
      With so many choices, each as unique as a snowflake, salt and pepper diamonds make a lovely featured stone for modern engagement rings. Take as much time as you need and look at stones in person if possible, to see which one feels right to you!
      Salt & Pepper Diamonds Misfit Diamonds
      Image Credit: Misfit Diamonds

      Do you love salt and pepper diamonds as much as I do? How would you feature this gorgeous stone in your next Custom Jewelry Design?

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