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Gem of the Month: SAPPHIRES

This month, we’re doing a deep dive on SAPPHIRES—the iconic ocean-blue stone. I’ve learned so much about these beautiful, moody stones through a recent custom design project (more on that soon!) that I just had to share.

Blue Sapphires

Sapphire Colors and Origins

Most of us think of sapphires as a deep blue, ranging from a dark grayish-blue to navy and rich royal blue. But did you know that some rarer natural sapphires come in yellow, purple, orange, pink, and green? Coloration can depend on the structure and compound of the gemstone, its exposure to light, and where it’s from. 

Fancy Mixed Color Sapphires

Sapphires originate in many locations, including Montana, here in the US. Montana sapphires, which have been mined for over 100 years, have a unique blue-green hue (in a variety of shades from light teal to dark denim). These special gems are a wonderful choice, not only for their distinct coloration, but for their ethical mining practices.

Fancy Multi Color Sapphire

Sapphire Styles

While the traditional shape for sapphires has always been the round brilliant cut, I’m seeing more modern takes on stone cut and shape. Unique free-form shapes with a minimalist rose-cut create a contemporary organic feel and bring out sapphires’ sparkling natural beauty.

Blue Sapphires Close Up

Fun Facts About Sapphires

Did you know that sapphires are…

  • The birthstone for September
  • The 45th anniversary stone
  • The second hardest stone after diamonds!

Sourcing gemstones can be an art form itself. When I work with a client on a Custom Jewelry Design, I will always ask for your preferences regarding gemstone origins, natural versus synthetic, color, and cost. 

Feeling inspired to work with sapphires? Me too!

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