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Thinking outside the jewelry box: Unique custom design ideas!

What’s more exciting than creating something one-of-a-kind that’s never existed before? Each custom design we’ve worked on has brought out something unique and meaningful for each client, and that ineffable something is now immortalized in a precious piece of jewelry that can be passed down for generations. It is truly an honor and a joy to create these.

Take a look at a selection of our 2022 custom designs and get inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece in the new year!
Sapphire Engagement Rings
Love is Love in Sapphires

I had the privilege of designing wedding bands for my friend Monica and her future wife, Katie. The wedding band stacks featured a brilliant-cut Montana sapphire for Monica and a free-form, rose-cut Madagascar sapphire with a gorgeous smoky lavender hue for Katie. It’s amazing how unique yet complimentary the two stacks are, just like Monica and Katie themselves. Read more about the process here!

Salt and Pepper Ring Set
Salt & Peppered to Perfection

My long-time friend Gretel fell in love with Salt and Pepper diamonds from our April blog, so we let the stones themselves serve as the inspiration for the design. The result, a gorgeous and totally one-of-a-kind ring set contoured around a hexagonal Salt and Pepper diamond. Read more about the design process here!

Golden Heirloom Ring Set

A Golden Heirloom Transformation

Joanna wanted to transform a golden family heirloom into elegant, modern rings for herself and her mom. The final result is two stunning pieces that puzzle together to create a minimalistic sky scene, complete with stars, crescent moon, and a sun on the horizon. It’s a must see. Read more about the process here.

Lab Grown Diamond Ring Set
Designing the Perfect Match

This breathtaking engagement ring and wedding band set is a celebration of ethical lab-grown diamonds! The delicate, timeless sparkle of this ring set is truly special. To learn more about these sweet rings and the even sweeter story of Tom and Ariana, Read more about the process here.

Mens Classic Gold Wedding Band
A Forever Gold Classic

Sloan and Nolan have an enviable sense of style: vintage and modern, colorful and elegant. It was an honor to create the perfect engraved wedding band to fit with their gorgeously curated wedding. Read more about the process here!

Ouroboros Ring with Sapphire Eyes
Designing an Ouroboros Ring

An Ouroboros is a symbol of a snake eating its own tail, which is rich in historical contexts and meaning. Our challenge was to take this intricate, historical image and transform it into a ring design that is fierce, modern and wearable without losing any of the detail and symbolism. Look closely to discover the blue sapphire eyes and hidden engraving on our upcoming blog release!

Topaz Statement Ring
Together in Topaz

The story behind this ring involves someone very near and dear to me: Angelita, my best friend and godmother of my wedding. She reached out to me with a lovely idea for a custom jewelry design project using two topaz stones gifted to her by her dad. The two topaz stones set in a delicate rose gold embrace exquisitely captured the love and eternal bond between Mother and Daughter—a modern interpretation of a family heirloom that Angela will cherish for years to come. Stay tuned for blog release soon!

Final Thoughts

Looking at all of these projects together, I’m moved by the variety of the custom designs and the uniqueness of each client’s vision. Working directly with the client brings out ideas and approaches to jewelry making that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered on my own; that is the beauty of collaboration. 

Custom Jewelry Gift Box

Every jewelry collector has a vision for a custom piece somewhere inside them, and you can give them the gift of letting that vision come to life with our Custom Jewelry Gift Box, a sleek black box (ready for gifting), complete with a design deposit certificate with a budget of your choosing and our Custom Jewelry Design Guide. Or, if you are the collector with a vision—amazing! Click the link below and let’s create a unique, lifelong treasure together.

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